Transcription Services

At Vishee Infotech we provide all types of transcription services such as General Transcription, Business Transcription, Interview Transcription, Podcast Transcription Inventory Transcription and many more. , translation, and writing services, all of which help our customers share their stories. We also provide proofreading, copywriting and editing services.

Types of Transcription Services


  • Research, dissertation materials, classroom lectures, and more –


  • We’re able to transcribe nearly any audio file format, including physical recordings like cassettes and CDs.


  • With business transcription, you’re free to fully participate in your meetings and conference calls.


  • Transcripts from your event will help your guests remember the important details long after they’ve returned home.

Focus Group

  • Focus group transcription makes it easier to properly and thoroughly analyze your data.


  • Students, journalists, and researchers know that we’re one of the most reliable interview transcription services around.


  • Transcribe your podcasts to help listeners and search engines find and share your content.


  • We’ve transcribed literally thousands of videos, including YouTube links, pro HD shoots, and even VHS tapes.

Inventory Transcription

  • We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of inventory reports such as Check In, Check Outs, Mid Term Inspections, New Inventory etc. Our experienced typists can handle any kinds of complex templates.

At Vishee Infotech, every transcript is guaranteed to have a 98% or better rate of accuracy. Our transcriptionists come in abundance of industry experience of more than 10 years to create an accurate transcript.