Data Processing

Every organization needs to make vital business and strategic decisions which are mostly based on the data which needs to be processed correctly. Data processing is a must have from a small business to a large organization.
At Vishee Infotech, we offer all kinds of data processing services.

  • Resume processing
  • Survey forms processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Check processing
  • Market Research forms processing
  • Claims processing
  • Rebate processing
  • Legal processing and many more…

Data Mining and processing is used to reduce the inconsistency of the data. Data is entered through various formats such as papers, images, forms, scanners etc. Data can be captured and presented in a useful way making it as an important information which could be anything ranging from critical data of your business to the reports about the competitors.

We can also help digitize data in a wide range of formats including XML, XHMTL, CML, HTML, PDF and more.

Our team is highly skilled and adaptive to ensure accuracy and making sure every record is checked manually, cleaned and updated at regular intervals which help only keeping the information best suited for your organization.