Data Entry

Data Entry is the process of entering information either online or offline. We have a highly trained and proficient team for data entry projects that provide error free and reliable data entry with accuracy.

Catalog Entry Services

  • Organizations today create lot of catalogs to display information about their variety of products and services which helps in generating revenue for the business by influencing their customers.
  • We can convert the physical copies of the catalogs to develop online catalogs, update product descriptions, stock information and many more.

Data Enrichment Services

  • Cleansing of data and refining the information is of utmost important in todays competitive environment. Data Enrichment includes removing duplicate data, erroneous records and incomplete descriptions.
  • This helps in reducing the space required to store such information and improve the quality of the data especially in the field of tele communications, banking, retail and insurance.

Data Extraction Services

  • Data Extraction is necessary for an organization that has a lot of information stored in a complex manner like in different formats and at different locations. We can help you organize your scattered data into a central location.
  • Data Extraction is the process of analyzing the database for customer behavior and characteristics, making market research for products and prices, managing information and compilation.

Other types of Data Entry Services Include,

  • Document Management Systems
  • Enrollment Forms Entry
  • Insurance Claims Entry
  • Invoice Entry
  • Legal Documents Entry
  • Media and Publishing Entry
  • Product Information and Registration Entry
  • Questionnaire Entry Services
  • Restaurant Menu Entry
  • Website Data Entry